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This sculpture skilfully portrays the eternal bond between Radha and Krishna, who are revered as the epitome of love and devotion in Hinduism, The central focus of the painting rests on Krishna, who stands in a vibrant and dynamic pose, engrossed in playing his divine flute. The melodious tunes emanating from Krishna's flute are believed to have the power to captivate hearts and create an enchanting atmosphere. This symbolic act of playing the flute represents Krishna's ability to charm and enthral all beings, including humans, animals, and even nature itself.

Besides Krishna, Radha stands in a graceful posture, completely absorbed in the music and the enchanting presence of Krishna. Radha's deep love and admiration for Krishna are beautifully depicted. She represents the embodiment of pure devotion and the perfect complement to Krishna's divine persona. Cows are considered sacred animals in Indian culture and are associated with abundance, fertility, and motherhood. The cow's inclusion further emphasizes the idyllic setting and the harmonious relationship between humans, animals, and nature.

The composition exudes a sense of energy and movement as if the characters are alive and engaged in a divine dance. "Radha and Krishna with Cow" is a visual delight and a representation of the deep spiritual connection between human and divine love

Dimensions : 720mm (L) 150mm (B) 256mm (H)
Weight : 6.350kg
Finish : Textured Bronze

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