Become an Artisan

We at Nirvriti work towards uplifting women-run businesses by providing them with a platform to expand their market reach and boost their sales. Our goal is to create a collective of women artisans from Kerala who will be able to sell their products to a larger market and audience through our store. 

In the interest of growing the collective, we are pleased to invite women artisans who hand-craft and/or curate products using natural, organic and eco-friendly materials. The products can range from a variety of food, clothes, home décor, lifestyle categories and much more and should cater to the purpose of gifting.  All products listed on the platform always get vetted by our curators to ensure that it meets certain quality and suit to our brand philosophy and aesthetics.

Some points to note:

  • Nirvriti Store will provide a seamless digital platform to show-case your products. There will always be a woman artisan(s)behind every single product listed on our platform. 
  • All sales and marketing activities associated with the listed products rest with the store. There will be absolutely no fee or costs associated with listing of products. The store will make its marginal profits out of actual sales only. 
  • For the model to work there should be a sustainable revenue channel by way of sales. To ensure that the store will invest and engage in targeted and result oriented digital marketing activities leading to wider market outreach and enhanced sales.
  • We expect all our artisans also to help us grow our market presence in their own small ways by sharing the marketing communication posts, reels and promotions (at least the ones featuring their respective profile and products) to their followers and friends on social media particularly on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Target audience: upper middle class/ corporate 
  • Ideally every listed product will be sold under the Nirvriti Store brand and due credit will be given to the artisan for crafting/curating the product.
  • Packaging is an important aspect of the product presentation to the market and as such all products will use Nirvriti Store branded and designed packaging materials. The packing design that add value to the product will follow the store’s brand guidelines and all artisans will be provided with the specific packaging materials as required.
  • All the delivery logistics and the cost thereof will be managed by the store. 
  • The store will be complying with the statutory GST guidelines and will charge GST on all sales as stipulated. 
  • The packaging & marketing, logistics expenses and taxes will have a bearing on the price of the product. A markup will be exacted on top to reach a marginal profit on the sales made. These would therefore be reflected in the published sale price.  
  • A certain percentage of the store’s profits will be earmarked and assigned for the upliftment of deserving women entrepreneurs who wish to expand on existing business or initiate new business plans.

Women, we believe, are harbingers of hope for a better world and every approach taken by our store will solely be for the purpose of empowering, supporting and championing the women we are collaborating with. 

They are in every way, women of  power, ambition and substance. 


Fill in your details below to know more about becoming a Nirvriti Artisan. We will get back to you at the earliest.